The Edge Discover® prepaid card

Be ready for what’s next in your life with the Edge card, from the National Restaurant Association. The Edge card is a general-purpose reloadable card—it holds your pay and you can use it for the everyday financial needs of your busy life.

There’s no credit check, and you don’t need an existing traditional bank account to get an Edge card. With the Edge card you’ll save time and money—no more check cashing fees and no need to come into work to pick up your check on your day off. Because your money is deposited to the card, you don’t need to carry large sums of cash, and your funds are FDIC-insured through The Bancorp Bank; Member FDIC. The Edge card is accepted everywhere Discover cards are accepted—so it's all you need in your wallet.

Streamline Your Business

Streamline your operations, save money, and eliminate waste with the Edge card. Find out how.

For Operators

Take the Hassle Out of Payday

What if you had immediate access to your money on payday? If you didn't have to wait in line to cash your paycheck… or pay a fee to get your money?

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Make Your Life More Convenient

The Edge card gives you access to thousands of surcharge-free ATMs, online shopping and bill payment services.

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